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About the Skrbecs

Some might ask... "What's a Skrbec?"  In the Skrbec household, the answer usually is, "Well join us and find out!"

The family name is fairly unique in the U.S., coming from Yugoslavia/Croatia/Austria, with our particular branch of the family making its way to the U.S. in the early 1900's.  Alois Skrbec, then a citizen of Austria came to the U.S. in 1911 (view the ship's passenger record here) at 37 years of age, to seek out work and a sustainable life for his family.  His wife Maria and children crossed the ocean behind him. My grandfather John Skrbec stepped onto to our shores sometime after his father, but those voyage records we haven't been able to  find.

Alois had been in the U.S. previously in 1905, visiting a friend in Chicago, but this time at least stopped in Cleveland, Ohio visiting a friend who lived very near the shores of Lake Erie.  His eventual destination targeted a return to Chicago.

His son John, born in 1910, grew up in Chicago, eventually meeting Estelle Schram and marrying her.  John ran a successful corner store in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, doing side work as a pots and pans salesman for Vitacraft, and eventually working for Blue M Electric in Blue Island.  They had two children, Joanne and John Jr, my dad.  They lived in Pullman area as they grew up, eventually going to Fenger H.S.


Brad & The Girls

About Me

Lifelong Chicagoans, our branch of the Skrbec clan thrives out in the suburbs.  Brad is a Computer Security Engineer for Motorola.